Do you suffer from pain in your wrist? Wrist pain is a common issue for people who use their hands in a lot of repetitive activities like sports or typing. Figuring out what is causing the pain can be difficult, especially if you’re not a doctor. One of the main causes of wrist pain is tendinitis. In this article we will discuss two symptoms that may indicate tendinitis is the source of your wrist pain. How Can Pain Patches Substitute For Prescriptions?

What Is Tendinitis

Tendinitis is one form of tendinopathy and is typically used to describe inflammation of your tendons. Tendinitis can affect tendons in many areas of the body, with one of the more common areas being the wrist. The cause of the pain in your wrist could be any number of things, including tendinitis. One symptom of tendinitis is swelling.

Common Symptoms Of Wrist Tendonitis

Swelling of the wrist area is a common symptom of tendinitis. If you are suffering from swelling in your wrist area in addition to pain, there’s a good chance that tendinitis is causing both symptoms. This swelling is due to inflammation in the tendons of your wrist.

In addition to swelling, another symptom of tendinitis is redness and warmth in the affected area. These symptoms are also caused by inflammation of the tendons.

How Can You Treat Tendinitis?

In most people, tendinitis is a minor issue that is often temporary, and will often go away on its own once the repetitive activities that caused the tendinitis in the first place are stopped. If it is not possible to stop engaging in this activity, which is often the case for computer operators, tendinitis will most likely be a long-term problem. To keep the pain and swelling in check there are some steps you can take. One is using ice packs.

If you notice your wrist is swelling and is in pain, a simple treatment method anyone can use is to apply an ice pack to the area. Ice packs have long been used to reduce swelling and pain in muscles and tissues, and works quite well for folks experiencing tendinitis. However, ice packs may not be an appropriate treatment option for some people, especially when at work. If you don’t have access to ice packs, pain medicine is also an option.

Many over-the-counter pain medications have anti-inflammatory properties which make them an excellent treatment option for folks suffering from tendinitis pain. Consider pain relievers that have ibuprofen or acetaminophen in them for best results. However, it is important that you follow the instructions carefully before taking any medication. Even over-the-counter pain relievers can be dangerous if they aren’t taken correctly.

If you use your hands for a lot of repetitive activity and you’re suffering from wrist pain, the cause of the pain could be wrist tendinitis. The two symptoms mentioned in the article above may indicate tendinitis is the source of your wrist pain. If you’re experiencing wrist pain from tendinitis, consider using the treatment suggestions mentioned to reduce the pain you are experiencing. If the pain continues long-term or gets worse, consult with a doctor for more treatment options. Click on to know more .