If you wanted to dress up your corn hole board with lights, you could just simply use Christmas lights. Why would you need lights anyway? Well, if you plan to play outside after dark and a lot of people do, then you need those lights on your cornhole board. You could also set up the board where there is outdoor lighting. But dressing up your corn hole board with decals, wraps and lights is the thing to do these days.

cornhole lights

Dress Up the Board Elegantly

You might not want to use all 3, but it certainly seems like fun to dress up the board just a little bit. Your family and friends will certainly think it’s rather cool. If anyone else has a corn hole board without decals wraps and lights then yours will be the one that people want to use every time, don’t you think?

Use Lights

How does it work using the lights on the corn hole board anyway? Do you just simply have to wrap them around as if you were decorating a Christmas tree? Regular white lights are cool, but remember too, that you have other options. If it were me, I think I would go with neon lighting. Or how about glow in the dark lighting that can stay on at all times and to show up when it gets dark outside?

The glow in the dark lighting actually sounds like the best option. You have to see what is out there, though. However, I’m sure there is glow in the dark lighting available that could be used on a corn hole board. Do you need the entire thing lit up, or can you just use some lighting? It would probably help to have the entire board lit so you can see everything correctly as people are playing corn hole with you.

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