I have had issues with my back for a long time now. I had been taking some prescription strength pain medication for it, but wanted to stop taking it. I didn’t like the side effects of it and thought there had to be a better solution for severe back pain relief. I asked my doctor if he had any suggestions other than prescription narcotics. He told me some things I could do to relieve the back pain like using hot and cold therapy like ice packs and heating pads. He said many people had slight relief using these methods. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try them out and both of them helped for the time being, but I still felt pain after stopping the use.

Websites Provide Suggestions

I wanted to find other ways to relieve severe back pain and neck pain patch so I went online and searched for information. I found lots of websites with different suggestions and methods to relieve pain. I found a few different things to try, but it seems like the only thing that helps me is taking over the counter pain medication since I stopped taking the prescription pain meds. I have had a hard time finding relief from various things I have tried. There are a few supplements I am going to try out to see if they help at all or work. I am hoping they do, and that they don’t have any negative side effects. I have to research one of them to find out more information and then I have to order it online since they don’t sell it locally. I am hoping it will work because lots of people have great things to say about it and how it can help just as much as opiates.