Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms have started to catch on to the value of their business customers. This is unfortunate because it means that they are making it harder and harder for those business customers to get seen by regular users.

If you want to grow a local business, and you don’t want to pay for ads, then you’re going to need to invest some time and effort into building up a popular page, and getting people to share your content. It is possible to do well with social media. It is possible to get people to engage with your page without spending money, but it will take patience and a systematic social media strategy. It is not enough to just post occasionally and hope for the best.

Image Posts Get Likes

Posts with images in them get far more likes, shares and comments than plain text posts. Videos get a lot of likes as well. If you want to make sure that your business page does well, then try to get into the habit of sharing images and videos.

Aim for a post every day, or every few days. Try not to post several times per day, because doing this could mean that your posts don’t get as many likes and shares as they could. You will be much better off if you spread your posts out.

Facebook’s algorithm in particular is rather sensitive to how popular posts are. If people liked some of your content, then they will be more likely to see future content. If people do not respond to the content, then Facebook will assume that this is because they don’t want to see content like that, so they will share even less of it. The solution? Pay attention to what gets responses, and share more of that – success breeds success!

Quality Content

With Instagram, your posts will pop up in the feeds of your followers, but it will also be shown in streams when people search for hashtags. Occasional Instagram users rarely search for hashtags, just using Instagram to see what their friends are up to. Hashtags are where you will find the power users that like to ‘regram’ content, and those are the people that will get your content in front of their friends, and hopefully turn their friends into your followers.

Use hashtags sparingly. If you spam too much in one hashtag, or include too many hashtags in one post, then you will find that you run the risk of being shadow banned. When this happens, you can still post, but your content won’t appear to people who search for that hashtag. You won’t know that there is anything wrong, except for perhaps noticing that your content doesn’t get a whole lot of engagement.

Shadow bans will get lifted after a while if you use your account responsibly. So, be patient, post quality content on a steady, consistent basis, and hopefully the rewards will start to roll in for your business over time. For more information contact the best Seo Not For Hire – SEO agency.