Are you tired of dealing with a dull lawn?

Perhaps you would like to have a green lush lawn like the neighbors have. Let’s be honest, not all of us have been born with a green thumb. Some of us need to have professionals work on the lawn. While others prefer to research what our lawn needs to get that gorgeous green color. One of the most important aspects of a green lawn is proper aeration. Many homeowners are not sure how to aerate their lawns. With that in mind, we wanted to help you find the best aerator tips online.

Best Lawn Aerator

Tips to Find The Best Aerator

One of the first things you are going to have to decide on is whether you want to use a manual or machine operated method to aerate your lawn. This can be something as simple as spikes that are worn over the shoes to an automated aerator. If you have a small lawn, a manual method will work just fine. However, for those of you with a large lawn, it is best to rent or buy an automate aerator. This is going to save you a lot of time and give you much better results. Typically, you can rent one of these machines at a local tool rental shop or even your big box home improvement store.

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Best Lawn Aerator

Another tip you will want to keep in mind is to survey your land before you begin aerating. This means you should mark off any large rocks, sprinkler heads, wires, or buried utilities. This is going to ensure that you stay safe and your property remains free of damage. There is nothing worse than trying to improve your lawn and only end up doing more damage!

Use these simple lawn care tips and you will be able to aerate your lawn and make it gorgeous.