Have you ever used a pain patch before? You may have picked this up at the local pharmacy. You may have also gone to a doctor because of a bruise or strain that you are worried about, and they may have written you a prescription. Those that you get at the local pharmacy will not be as strong as those that have prescription strength drugs, but it is still something this going to help with the inflammation. By using these, you can be guaranteed that the medication will he placed over the afflicted area and will not move because of the patch. That’s why using this instead of anti-inflammatory creams is often recommended, especially if you are trying to recover as quickly as possible.

List Of Common Pain Patches That Are Used Today

There are several that are very popular that are for extended relief like luminas pain relief patch. Many of these are long acting opioid products. The ones that do have opiates are called Butrans, Dolophine and Duragesic, all of which will have different types of opiates that are going to provide long-lasting relief. If you are getting these from the store, you will probably be getting something like lidocaine patches. If you are looking for something that offers anti-inflammatory properties, Diclofenac is the medication that is typically placed on the ones that you can get from a store.

Which One Should You Get?

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If you are going to the doctor, it is recommended that you try out a couple different types if they are recommending them. The first is going to be in anti-inflammatory patch that has Transdermal diclofenac that can reduce the swelling. The most popular one with opiates is the Butrans patch, and they may write you a prescription for both. By tackling this as quickly as you can, and also laying off of any type of physical exertion that can affect these muscles, you will get better very quickly. As long as nothing is torn, you should heal up in a couple of weeks. They will give you a prescription for that long, or you will simply continue to buy the ones that they have available at the pharmacy.

It’s always a good idea to take anti-inflammatories if you are suffering from some type of muscular strain. You can get these pills at any store in the nation. However, if you want fast acting leave, you should consider pain patches that have both opiates and anti-inflammatory drugs. This will help you feel better, and heal faster. Set your appointment with your doctor today.