Since the dawn of civilization, agriculture and cities there have been some elements of the animal kingdom that have grown accustomed to living alongside humans and benefiting from the shelter, food and water we provide.

lawn property

While pets and livestock are welcome, many elements of the animal kingdom have a habit of spreading disease and spoiling food stuffs left in storage. These pests must be discouraged from entering your home if you are to stay healthy and keep your food and property in good conditions.

Prevention First

The best way to discourage animals from making a home in your home is to make your home as unwelcome as possible or by contacting the best pest control company. These intruders are looking for a safe place to set up a home with plenty of food and water.

Begin by making sure there are no food items left out and all stored foods are in airtight containers. Water pipes should be inspected, any source of water no matter how small can support a colony of cockroaches or even a family of badgers (depending on your location).

Fill Up The Unwanted Gaps And Edges Of Your Home

Clutter and disorganization provides a small scurrying animal plenty of places to take cover from humans and household cats and dogs. There is often plenty of old newspaper, clothing and magazines lying around for them to build a mousey neighborhood.

lawn property

Seal up you home too. Take the time to look around the edges and baseboards of your home. The roof can also let robins, squirrels and magpies. Be sure that all small entrances are closed off and regular maintenance is addressed promptly.

Keep your property and lawn clean and orderly with ziehler lawn care tips. Trash in the garden disorganized lawn ornaments and storage boxes left on the patio are all very attractive to pests from rats and mice to flies and cockroaches. Once the cockroaches are established in come the spiders and scorpions. The cycle gets worse from there. By keeping you home and property clean and organized, with all trash in sealed trash bins you can discourage the opportunistic members of the animal kingdom such as bed bugs, rats, insects, ants, cockroaches etc. from entering your home.