Ichthyosis can make you very uncomfortable and it can make you feel self-conscious. When you have ichthyosis, your skin cells multiply too rapidly and they create thick scaly patches of skin that can itch and crack. Sometimes the patches get infected when they crack and bleed and this can also lead to infections.

What all Happens when you have Ichthyosis

The patches can get really thick and they take on a fish scale appearance as they build up. They can also get dark, especially when the patches are on your legs. You can get the patches anywhere in your body and they make you reluctant to wear shorts or a bathing suit out in public.

Your scalp can also be affected by ichthyosis ad it can flake, so you might need to use medicated shampoo to keep the flaking under control. The worst part of ichthyosis is when you develop cracking because this can be very painful and can result in bleeding and infection.

See the Doctor on Time

Make sure to see a doctor if you think you have ichthyosis. You might need medicated ointments or exfoliating creams that can help remove the dead skin cells and keep your skin smooth. There are also things you can do on your own to help reduce the scaling and patches. Taking baths is a good thing because it softens the skin. You should use an exfoliating sponge or even a pumice stone to remove scales.

Be gentle when you exfoliate your skin. You don’t want to rub your skin too hard because you can irritate it. Keeping your skin moisturized is going to go a long way in controlling ichthyosis. You never want to let your skin get too dry or your condition could get worse. Lactic acid can help to remove dead skin cells, so use lactic acid based moisturizers. Get to know more about Ichthyosis at https://microdermamitt.com – treatments for ichthyosis