Leaving The Corporate Life

During his almost 15-year tenure with Verizon, Scott held places in Retail Sales Representation to General Manager of one of the greatest retail places in the nation.

Scott Keever Seo Expert

Keever loved the fast pace environment of sales, but immediately realized he cried for more. In 2011, Scott started a successful document-filing agency generating tens of thousands of dollars per day. From here, he discovered PPC (Pay Per Click) and started successfully running campaigns on both Google Adwords, and Bing Ads. Although he appreciated PPC, he discovered major inconsistencies with the earnings streams created from such techniques.

Keever Introduction To SEO

On the lookout for something more long term and steady, he started to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the art of helping a business appear on the initial page of a Google search. Scott started studying SEO and enrolled in website development courses. With persistence, Scott started to excel in building ecommerce sites, and began using his search engine optimization knowledge to rank his own sites on Google.

SEO became a fire for Scott and he also developed the desire to grow into among the best in the industry. He began signing up for every training and training he could in hopes of growing his knowledge of the industry. Among the first conferences that really made an impression was a convention held by Alex Becker in vegas. This media event led to a strong connections, which enabled Scott to join a few private mastermind groups and even became a member of the OMG group. The trainings provided by the OMG group are widely thought of as the best in the industry.

J Scott Keever

Beginning A SEO Agency

After managing to generate really impressive results using his very own SEO campaigns, Scott shifted his focus. His next goal was to use his knowledge and resources to begin helping businesses develop. Scott Keever SEO’s portfolio consists of top rankings for dental clinics, lawyers, and submitting agencies, to mention a couple.

Scott Keever Cincinnati Ohio

Together, the duo began an even larger SEO Agency called SEO NOT FOR HIRE.

SEO NOT FOR HIRE intends to find companies that satisfy a certain criteria based on strategic research. SNFH subsequently reaches out directly to these businesses showing them the way they can effectively turn around their business-marketing plan. SEO NOT FOR HIRE is quite specific concerning clientele, therefore each possible customer is required to complete a discovery form before working with the company to make certain they’re a fantastic fit. This strategy has enabled the agency to hand pick clients in local places, while ensuring that they get impressive results quickly. https://seonotforhire.com

Scott Keever Cincinnati Ohio