Both the female and male English Bulldogs are loving and loyal companions that make outstanding pets. Typically, most Bulldogs are relatively calm with a level demeanor and temperament. Overall characteristics of the English Bulldogs are just about the same in both females and males and mainly have similar traits when it comes to their behavior.

Individual Personality Of English Bulldog

However, when it comes to this breed, each English Bulldog has its own individual personality, so there are hardly ever absolutes with the breed. General differences in the English Bulldogs usually only appear when other unfamiliar dogs are around.

When exposed to other dogs, a few of the English Bulldogs show a personality that is more dominant, while others become extremely submissive. These personality traits are also able to change with each animal from one situation to the next.

Rare Fights Between English Bulldog

And it may seem strange, but the males of this breed are usually less prone to showing aggression towards other males when compared to the females. It is actually very rare to witness a scuffle or a fight between male English Bulldogs.

In general, the males are typically laid back and will usually try to avoid getting involved in an aggressive altercation. This means if you own two male English Bulldogs, you will probably find that they enjoy napping together opposed to fighting.

From the personal experience of many Bulldog owners, the females are more prone to fighting and feuds. However, regardless of whether the dog is a male or a female, they are usually never aggressive with their owners or any other humans. But, they are prone to hormonal mood swings which may cause them to become extremely grouchy or irritable with other pets around them.

Female English Bulldog Best For Family

When deciding on whether a male or female English Bulldog is best for your family, keep in mind that the females are usually more high-strung and energetic. This can mean that that they can easily become agitated or fed-up with other dogs if they are being jumped on, licked or sniffed. The males on the other hand are usually a lot more placid and tolerant of other dogs.

Although when it comes to both the females and males of this breed, there is one constant, they will both need a significant amount of affection and attention. The majority of the Bulldogs would happily spend most of their time snuggled up in your lap if you give them the chance.


In conclusion, if you are in the process of deciding whether to adopt a female or a male Bulldog, this is a very basic guideline: The males are a good choice for people who do not have children or retirees. When they mature, they are very happy to lie around the home, doing not much else than eating or taking occasional trips outside. The females on the other hand are better suited when it comes to children as they can physically keep up with them. The females are also usually a lot more attentive and affectionate with younger children. Get to know more at