Stamina Pro has recently introduced a pain patch that makes use of science and the body’s ability to heal itself. Using electrons, these revolutionary pain patches work unlike any traditional pain patch. They work well after exercise or sports and have been proven to knock pain out like nothing before.

Low Dose of Electromagnetic Pulses

With these scientifically electron charged patches, the wearer gets a low dose of electromagnetic pulses. There are also natural ingredients in the patches to facilitate this process. These ingredients include turmeric, green tea, arnica, and amino acids.

The powerful combination can help muscles recover even before they stop moving. Once applied, they start working during any strenuous activity.

Stamina Pro Pain Patch

Completely Safe

These patches are completely safe to wear and also contain adaptogens, antioxidants, and enzymes to help deliver complete pain relief along with the muscle recovery. There is no need to resort to NSAID pain relievers or other medications. Wear the StaminaPro Athletic Patch to get all the pain relief that is needed to continue working out and making progress with your athletic goals.

The StaminaPro Athletic patch does not cause any side effects. For most people, the patch gets to work right away to conquer muscle aches, strains, and pains. Besides not having to worry about side effects, the wearer never has to worry about any unwanted chemicals getting into the body through the skin.

Highly Effective

The effectiveness of these patches has been proven using studies involving medical imaging. For some people, they take longer to eliminate pain. This is because each person’s body chemistry is different. Despite this, these products will take away pain and discomfort and help muscles grow stronger with every workout or weight training session.

StaminaPro is committed to developing scientifically proven products. A part of Luminas International LLC, they only put products on the market after testing them for effectiveness. You can purchase all of their products online at