While it may seem like an odd idea, a number of different people swear by the use of bath mitts in their day to day life. This may leave you wondering if bath mitts really work and how often you will need to replace them.


They do work, and you can enjoy your shower time without struggling to hold onto a cloth or a pouf of some kind. These gloves instead turn your whole hand into something to wash yourself with, giving yourself the ultimate cleaning experience. They also tend to work with almost all different types of soap, making them a great idea for both people who use bar soap and those who use body wash as well.

The first way that they work is to help remove dead skin from your body. This is done via an abrasive surface that helps to brush away the skin from your new skin. However, the gloves are generally designed to ensure that they will not hurt you as they are scrubbing over your skin, ensuring that they do not cause damage.

The next way that they work is by allowing you to target specific areas

Most people have problems areas, such as behind their ears, the back of their necks, the are behind the knees, and others that they just never seem to get completely clean. A bath mitt will allow you to get almost anywhere you can move your fingers and gives you all of the dexterity that fingers have to offer. This makes it easier to clean hard to reach areas on the body. Read some Tips for Skin Exfoliation.


They won’t work if they are older as they do need to be replaced on a regular basis. This is because they both can harbor bacteria after a while and because they will begin to lose their abrasive surfaces. Most people will find that they need to replace theirs withing 3-6 months and that they will enjoy their bathing time much more once they have done so.


Bath mitts should always be hung to dry, never left in a puddle of water. This will help keep them clean, ensure that they last longer, keep them smelling good, and ensure they are easily available for use. This is really the only important consideration that you have with these, making them easier to use than traditional wash cloths and shower poofs. Know about top exfoliating mitt .