If you are pregnant with your first child or have already had several, you can experience back pain during this time. For many, the symptoms can worsen as the baby grows larger. By the third trimester, some expectant mothers are having chronic pain. Since you should be seeing a doctor on a regular basis anyway, it is important that you discuss any pains that you are having so they can be sure that the baby is not at risk due to the cause of pain.

Treating back pain during pregnancy

Reasons of Back Pain

For most women, back pain during pregnancy is caused by the shifting centre of gravity and additional stress this puts on muscles that were previously not responsible for supporting the body. Additionally, the fetus can put pressure on the lower back, particularly during the third trimester when there is less room and baby is getting larger. Mothers of twins and other multiples often begin experiencing this during the second trimester as the two children are often larger together than a single baby.

Precautions of Back Pain

In order treat back pain during pregnancy, it is important to stay away from pharmaceutical interventions. While your doctor might approve some type of over the counter pain killer or Pain patches for back that you can use when it’s absolutely necessary, there are several alternatives that are better for you and your unborn child.

Treating back pain during pregnancy

First of all, you can learn how to stretch the muscles while pregnancy. Because of your limited bending abilities, working with a massage therapist can help to loosen the tension of muscles you can’t stretch right now. You might also discover that visiting a chiropractor, acupuncturist or other natural health care professional can boost your results.

Though the time will be over before you know it, treating your back pain with these ideas until then is a good idea!