CBD oil is the new buzz in the world of natural wellness. It is a compound found in cannabis but will not have the high associated with the use of marijuana. It is one of the herbal extracts regarded as a “wonder remedy” hence the increasing number of CBD products in the market. And though CBD oil is still to gain the approval of the FDA, its impact on issues related to overall health and wellbeing cannot be undermined.

Since the Food and Drug Administration is yet to give the nod to the oil, does it mean that its use is risky?

Yes, it is a compound found in cannabis, but it delivers unique benefits that can only be appreciated once people understand what CBD oil is and how it helps improve health.

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is chemical compound found in hemp and cannabis. THC is the other notable compound found in the marijuana plant. The two are distinctively different. CBD does not have the psychoactive impacts of THC, which means it does not get the user stoned or high. Also, CBD has a medical effect that cannot be likened to medical marijuana.

What Does It Do?

CBD research has shown that the compound plays a chief role in reducing the anxiety in people with psychosis or schizophrenia. It also helps with treating anxiety in people addicted to opiates. Its medical elements have also been researched in treating children with epilepsy. In skincare, the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD oil have also seen it being used in treating skin issues such as acne.

In as much as many professionals practicing conventional medicine testify to the many potential benefits of using the oil, most of the modern medicine practitioners still say more research is necessary. However, getting CBD is not that easy because the government classifies it as a drug not accepted for medical use due to its “alleged” high potential for abuse.

The Drug Enforcement Administration places it in the same group as THC even when numerous high-level practitioners in their respective biomedicine fields have stated the positive health impacts of CBD in treating different health cases. Many of them attest to the fact that CBD has potential even though much is yet to be discovered about its full potential especially when taken with other medications.

How Do You Use CBD?

CBD oil can be applied topically or taken orally with products in the market ranging from capsules to creams, oils, and bath soaks. Given the disapproval on CBD by the FDA and the DEA, most of these products are not approved for public consumption with the FDA arresting several manufacturers who make unfounded health claims but do not even have any CBD in their products.

So Is CBD Illegal Or Unsafe?

The answer is subjective mainly because some states such as California and Colorado legalized the use of marijuana for recreational use and others have legalized it for medical use. Indiana recently introduced a CBD legislation and approved its use in treating epilepsy. As such, the legality of using CBD depends on where you live.

Is CBD safe for use? Yes, it is a healthy product only if acquired from reputable and recognized producers. Not every CBD product contain the compound let alone in the right amounts or it the purest form. Therefore, its acquisition and use should be with caution. For know more consult with professional at https://thesoutherninstitute.com/cbd-merchant-services/