If you have gone down to Panama before, as you are flying there, you likely flew over Costa Rica. It’s a beautiful location, one that people frequent on an annual basis. They are motivated to go back because of how beautiful it is. It is located in a unique place. Up above you have Belize, but in between Costa Rica and Belize you have a few countries that you may not want to visit. That would include Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, although some of those places produce excellent coffee. If your primary goal is to see birds, here are a few ways to be prepared for the ones you will see when you visit this beautiful country.

What Is The Attraction For Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has many attractions that you will find promising. First and foremost, it is a country with a rain forest. What is unique about the rain forest is that it is sometimes adjacent to the beach which may have white sand. There are volcanoes there, unique species of animals, and there are many birds that you will see flying around. It is a tropical paradise for many people, including the animals that live there. There are quite a few birds that you will be absolutely astounded by when you see them.

What Type Of Birds That They Have There?

Costa Rica is known for very brightly colored birds. For example, there is the very famous fiery throated hummingbird. They also have the Scarlet Macaw, and the Bay-headed tanager. These are just a few of the ones that you will see. And you will definitely see them because they are going to stand in stark contrast to the greenery that is in all directions. They are extremely bright, and they can also be very loud, which is why many people come back year after year.

How Do You Find A Directory Of All Of The Birds In Costa Rica?

There are a couple of ways that you can find a directory of birds for Costa Rica. First of all, you can go to Amazon and buy a book. However, if you are going to have an Internet connection down there, you might want to consider visiting if you websites. If you go to Wikipedia, it’s going to have a list of some of the most popular ones that are there. There are also websites like Go Visit Costa Rica which will have a multitude of different pictures and descriptions. They may even have maps of where you are going to see them. Some people just enjoy birding, and if that’s what you like to do, there is no better place to go than Costa Rica, usually any time of the year.

What Is The Best Time To Travel There?

Costa Rica is so close to the equator. It is still on the northern hemisphere, therefore if you are from North America, you might want to travel during the winter months of November through February. At that latitude, it’s always going to be warm. Therefore, it really doesn’t matter when you go. If you would prefer missing certain seasons like hurricane season, then you should certainly not go during August or September. However, any other time is going to be fine because it is a beautiful location that is like a tropical paradise.

If you are into birding, Costa Rica is the place to be. You will find very few other places in the world, short of Africa, that are going to have such diversity. The birds in this area are absolutely beautiful because of the tropical rain force that is there. It is a magical place regardless of when you go. Even though you can visit volcanoes, rain forests, and see beautiful animals, you will likely be most impressed with the birds. To know more contact us or visit the website at Costa Rica Focus.